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14th - 20th Jul 2024 (Year 6-8)
21st - 27th Jul 2024 (Year 6-8)
28th Jul - 3rd Aug 2024 (Year 6-8)
4th - 10th Aug 2024 (Year 6-8)
19th - 25th Jul 2024 (Year 9-13)
28th Jul - 3rd Aug 2024 (Year 9-13)
4th - 10th Aug 2024 (Year 9-13)

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How will you handle my information?

We value the security of your information and will store it safely. Your data will be used to ensure our holidays run smoothly and will be kept for as long as necessary as outlined in our Privacy Notice. Relevant sections of your information will be shared with Titus Trust staff, volunteer leaders, support teams, and activity providers for safe and efficient holiday operations. Outside of the Titus Trust, we will not share your information unless required by law or specified in our Privacy Notice.

When do I pay for a booking?

Due to demand for space, we will need to get back to you to confirm whether or not your application has been successful and to arrange payment.

Can I guarantee a place?

We work in partnership with teachers from schools and because of limited space priority will be given to young people from these schools. We try to cater for all needs at our holidays: if your child has special requirements, please call us before applying. We retain the right to refuse any application.

Can I book for only part of the event?

Bookings are usually only accepted for the whole of a holiday/event. If otherwise, please contact the office to discuss your application before proceeding.